Is Chronic Disease Reversible? If you've been touched by Cancer, Heart Disease,
Autism or Stroke, this may be the most important information you will ever learn!

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Know Your Options: Cancer, The Untold Truth (Regular $89.55)Know Your Options: Cancer, The Untold Truth (Regular $89.55) - $20.00
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The standard method of treating cancer comprises of a combination of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. However, according to the conventional, traditional medical literature, 75% to 95% of all cancers are related to some type of toxicity which results in damaging the immune system. 42% of all cancer patients die of malnutrition. Yet, how many doctors treating cancer address nutrition or help repair the immune system? Learn the 5 step treatment approach Dr. Buttar uses in repairing the immune system in conditions such as cancer and AIDS. Then reach your own conclusion.

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