Is Chronic Disease Reversible? If you've been touched by Cancer, Heart Disease,
Autism or Stroke, this may be the most important information you will ever learn!

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The time has come for you to learn, even if your own doctor can't tell you, what factors are responsible for 80% of all deaths in industrialized countries ... like ours!

Most exciting, you'll learn enough to help your parents, your family, your friends understand that these deadly degenerative diseases, like heart and blood vessel diseases and cancer, can be prevented, can be controlled, can be reversed! Today ... safely ... easily ... without surgery. Not just "doctors" care about people -- We ALL do. THAT'S the reason for you to share these videos with everyone you know. "Health-care reform" is a stupid phrase. You and I both know our system is an "illness-care system." And it doesn't work. You're about to see the only "illness care reform plan that you'll ever need! So... are you willing to BET YOUR LIFE -- or the lives of your parents, your family, your friends -- that Congress or the doctors will get this "system" fixed, before YOU have an urgent need to recover before you die?

The real question, the one you need to answer right now, is "What can I do about it?" What you really need to know is how you can recover from toxic poisons that will contribute to your early death.

I recommend this video set as BEST EVER for everyone to watch!

Dr. John Parks Trowbridge, FACAM
Secretary, American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology
Life Celebrating Health -- Houston, Texas

Illness caused by heavy metals and other toxins is a real and pervasive problem in the 21st century. Most people unfortunately simply do not know this. Your becoming aware that toxins are a major contributor to illness is the pivotal first step towards either maintaining or regaining health. The information and recommendations contained in these videos, if acted upon, will empower you address one of the most overlooked root causes of illness today. Enjoy, an improved quality of life awaits.

Dr. James F. Murphy Jr.

Everyone should view these videos. Dr. Buttar has put together some fantastic resources to educate everyone on the issues of metal toxicity and oxidative stress. This is great information we all need to know to help understand and prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, autism and neurodegenerative disease. I know for me it not only opened my eyes to my own health, but also to the health of our environment and our planet. These contributors to illness are often avoided and neglected by mainstream medical community. If you care about your health and the health of your loved ones and you want to do all you can to enjoy a great quality of life, these vidoes are a MUST SEE!

Dr. Kimberly L Ploehn
Battle Creek, Michigan

Dr Buttar presents the essents of disease prevention and not the usual control of a medical problem. He is at the tip of the spear with relation to his tireless work in heavy metal toxicity. Dr Buttar continues to challenge the established western medical philosophy and investigates the cause of the most common diseases in the industrialized nations, thus eliminating the true source of illness.

He is a pioneer of alternative medical thinking and medical approaches to preventing common diseases. These videos allow like-thinking physicians to give their patients information that is a true medical paradigm shift.

Dr. Ralph M. Sutherlin, M.P.H., F.A.C.O.E.M.
St Alphonsus Medical Group
Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Board Certified
Aerospace Medicine, Board Certified
Public Health/Community Medicine, Board Certified

As research moves ahead to shed greater light on some of the causes of chronic disease, it is critical that each individual make a concerted effort to educate himself on ways to stay healthy. Our world is becoming far too toxic to allow us to expect to live a long, healthy life without addressing the daily assaults to our well-being coming from our increasingly polluted environment. Unfortunately, the institution of current medical practice is lagging behind the research and continuing to operate in an outdated model. It is up to each of us to find ways to maintain or regain our health. The videos that make up the "Facts on Toxicity" series provide essential information that can save your life. Get the facts. I strongly urge all my patients to review these videos to better understand the new paradigm of chronic disease.

Dr. Dianne Farley-Jones

Very interesting. Some of the scientific explanations were a bit over my head but I was able to understand the general gist of it. Thank you.
Linda G Hoult

Dear Dr. Buttar,

I have just had the opportunity to view the Facts on Toxicity videos. Wow! You have very directly and to the point addressed many of the hazards and dangers that our bodies face everyday. I cannot express enough, the importance of conveying this information to the public. As physicians, it is our goal to find and "heal" the cause of disease, not just treat the symptoms. With all the debate going on about governmental healthcare, it is now crucial to find a better way, to address disease at the root of the problem. To anyone reading this, watch these videos, they are indeed life changing!

Clearwater, Florida

I appreciated the information presented in the 2 videos. The information was fact based supported by research and presented in a manner for a person to understand the seriousness to one's health not addressing sources of toxicity. In 2006 my husband and I began to learn about toxicity from various sources and address it. To begin with, we had mercury amalgams removed. At the time of my father's death from lung cancer, one of his remarks to me was his regret that he had not been proactive in his life for his own health. Dad had always told his doctor that he relied on the doctor to take care of his health and the doctor could rely on his services as an engineer. Subsequently, while caring for my mother before she died, I saw how treatments caused secondary health issues. It awakened in me the importance of accepting responsibility for myself in ways I had never considered. Watching these videos can be your first step in learning how to be proactive for yourself and your loved ones health.

Judy Grady

I found the videos extremely interesting. This information should be widely spread. I am convinced that currently very few people about this.

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,
Dr. Erika Matt, J.D., C.T.
Greenville, SC

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